Bakery supplier Edme has announced a new partnership deal with sourdough ingredients producer Philibert Savours of France.

The union sees Edme release a new range of artisan sourdough concentrates and premixes, allowing plant and craft bakers to produce French artisan-style breads quickly and cost effectively.

James Smith, sales director at Edme, said: “For the most part, we do our own processing, but when it came to sourdough, we wanted a specialist in the field. Philibert are the masters of French flavour and process. Their sourdough products are so well-respected that the opportunity to share them with our customers was too good to miss.”

Dried sourdough flours, available in 25kg bags, include: Phil Camp Rémy, a pre-fermented wheat flour; Phil Campasine, a fermented buckwheat and wheat sourdough; and Phil Blé Germe, a fermented wheatgerm.


Sourdough pre-mixes include: Campasine complete French bread premix; Compasine complete artisan bread premix, milled from French wheat and pre-fermented wheat flour; and Seed & Wheatgerm Country bread premix, containing fermented wheatgerm sourdough with aromatic barley malt extract, flax seeds, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds.

Smith added: “You simply add 3-8% powder to your bread mix. Results are consistent and high-quality. They capture the taste, texture and colour of the best sourdough breads on the market.”