Specialist flour mill, Doves Farm, has launched their Gourmet Collection range to meet demand for gluten free products.

The range consists of nine flours and four grains, which are all naturally gluten free. The company pride itself on experimenting on unusual grains to offer variety for people on gluten free diets.

One of the gourmet products is the Doves Farm Gluten Free Teff Flour, which they hail as ‘the hot new super grain.’ According to Dove, Gwyneth Paltrow has advocated the grain, which they say is also the first branded teff product on the market.

Clare Marriage, co-owner of Dove said: “Speciality flours milled from grains such as Teff, Quinoa, Millet or Buckwheat can be used to make baked goods for the gluten free market. Alternatively bakers using these rare flours can add a ‘superfood’ dimension to regular bakery products.

“We are actively reviewing the bakery sector to see if these speciality flours are of interest to bakers.”

Gluten-free eating is on the rise. According to the Telegraph, Marks & Spencer has seen sales of their gluten free products rise by 100%, and the free from food market has doubled.  The Grocer has described Gluten Free as "one of grocery’s great success stories".

Michelle Berriedale Johnson, editor of www.FreeFromMatters.com and director of the FreeFrom Food and FreeFrom Eating Out Awards, suggests that the increase in gluten free eating is down to two reasons.

Firstly she blames the gluten intolerance does not just mean coeliac disease.  She said: “gluten sensitivity would appear to affect many, many more people than the 1% who are currently diagnosed as coeliac. And, in defiance of conventional medical thinking, many of us may just have logged into that fact and are taking action.”

She also points out the idea that many people have started to stop eating gluten, resulting in an improvement in their overall health.