Genius Foods has said no retailers have delisted their products, following a mass product recall when a gluten contamination was detected.

In an interview with British Baker’s sister publication, The Grocer, Genius chief executive Roz Cuschieri explained that the retailers had not delisted any products, and had in fact worked with Genius from an “understanding perspective”.

She said in the interview: “While what happened should never have happened, our retail partners are working very closely with us to understand what we are doing as a result and to get production back on track, which is happening as we speak. The recalled Genius products are back in the market and we are producing the majority of retailer lines now.”

She went on to explain that Genius would concentrate on rebuilding consumer confidence, and was looking at things like in-store activity, online and coupons. 

The company was sprung into the limelight when it recalled 25 products that were found to contain gluten.

The contaminations have been said to be caused by a small quantity of a dry ingredient that had low levels of gluten, which somehow entered the factory.

Investigations are now taking place to find out how the ingredient got in.