Bath Bakery has launched its gluten-free products online as it introduces a new range.

The bakery’s Batch#5 range is now available to buy on a new website launched for the products, in what Bath Bakery calls “the most comprehensive range of artisan gluten-free food available online”.

It is also about to be joined by sister brand BBFinest - a range of deli-style gluten-free food including quiches, meringues, Scotch eggs and fruit pies.

The new range is created in the same gluten-free production facility as Batch#5 products.

Mark Slevin, managing director of Bath Bakery, said: “We launched Batch#5 a year ago in response to growing demand for gluten-free versions of our baked products.

“There was a perception that gluten-free meant taste-free, so we made it our mission to create a range of food that was not just safe for coeliac sufferers and those with gluten intolerance, but delicious too.”

The online shop is supported by nationwide service coverage and the business offers delivery within 48 hours if orders are made before 5pm.

The ranges can be found online at