High street bakery giant Greggs is replacing its thick-base square pizza slices for a thin crust triangular version. 

The new pizza is being rolled out now with a pizza and drink value deal to come in a few weeks. A slice costs £2 and the pizza is baked off in store.

Roger Whiteside, chief executive, said: “Pizza sales are strong – we are very excited about pizza. It is a big product category that does well in the UK.

“Two years ago we upgraded to the current square pizza but it still has quite a thick base and the market is moving away to a thinner crust. In doing that you get the calories down as well, which is important.
“We have come up with a product we are very happy with and it is now rolling out.”

Whiteside added the most popular lines are typically margherita, pepperoni and Greggs is now “throwing in” a barbecue chicken variety.

He promised the pizza and drink deal yet to come will be market-leading, following the success of other similar deals the company offers.

His comment on reducing the calories in pizza reflects the success Greggs is currently having with its under-400 calories Balanced Choice range, which, along with breakfast sales, is seeing significant growth. Whiteside does point out, however, that healthy range, though in fast growth, are coming from a low base.

He said: “Healthy eating is the fastest growing part but coming off a low base so we have a long way before it overtakes sales of [other products]. Sales are well in excess of £1m a week. We know, as a brand, it is of significant scale already and it is only going in one direction as we have barely scraped the surface of what we can offer.”