Mr Kipling has launched a revved up version of its French Fancies in the form of Cocktail Fancies. 

The classic cakes with a twist are on sale as a limited edition product that will be available until the end of August at all major multiples during the period.

Cocktail Fancies come in three flavours: pina colada; raspberry daquiri; and peach bellini.

A spokesperson said: “These are the most loved flavours that are popular among young adults, especially females. French Fancies have always been seen as delicate, delightful little treats and are our most fashionable SKU.

“Through social media, we’ve noticed people eating French Fancies with a glass of wine, champagne or cocktails, making them a more girly, grown-up treat. Product is a perfect harmony of flavour and occasion.”

Mr Kipling has put out a call for French Fancy eaters to get in touch on social media.

”Cocktails are #BetterWithCake, share your exceedingly fancy moments with us @MrKiplingCakes.”