A new survey from FMCG research company Canadean has suggested that sales of bakery treats may be hit this week as consumers go on New Year health kicks.

A survey of 200 adults showed that healthy eating is the number one New Year’s resolution for consumers in the UK, above saving money, cutting stress or giving up smoking.

According to Canadean, 58% of consumers who want to change their diets have resolved to “eat less fat” and 53% to “eat less sugar” in 2015.

Next to exercising more regularly, controlling portion sizes and limiting intake of processed foods were also seen as important ways of living more healthily.

The survey, conducted in December, showed that almost half of women (44%) made resolutions to eat healthier in the New Year, compared to 27% of men.

Catherine O’Connor, senior analyst at Canadean, said: “It will be important to present consumers not only with low-calorie options, but also with holistically wholesome fare and ingredients offering positive nutrition.”

However, efforts to eat healthily are often short-lived, meaning that few consumers will make long-term changes to their diets. O’Connor added: “A quarter of all those who are trying to eat healthily in the New Year will abandon those efforts within a couple of weeks, with this number rising to nearly half within a month.”