Artisan pita bread company Nina Bakery is launching its new range of ‘no tear’, stone oven pitas in the UK, suitable as sandwich carriers.

An 80-year old family-run specialist pita company, Nina Bakery supplies clean-label breads across Europe.

The new range, made using traditional, artisan methods, includes a 6cm, cocktail size pita, which has been designed to eat with appetisers, tapas and cocktail hors d’œuvres and an extra large 18cm option, with the breads available in a variety of shapes.

The products are baked with minimum quantities of yeast and no added sugar or fat, and no preservatives and improvers used.

Nina Bakery’s CEO Pierre Nehmeh said: “We have returned to traditional methods - the resultant taste is just so much better. Because of the bake quality and because they do not tear easily, Nina’s pita breads are perfect for sandwiches.”

Nina Bakery distributes from the Netherlands to customers across Europe. It supplies airlines including KLM, Delta, Air France, and Lufthansa.

The latest launch is taking place at food to go show lunch!, currently taking place in Islington, London.