An online retailer claims its protein-rich chocolate chip cookie can aid weight loss by keeping people fuller for longer. has sold out of the product three times in as many weeks following more than 17,420 purchases. The cookie, made in a family-fun bakery, is lower in saturated fats and carbohydrates than average high street brands with less sugar at 3.5g per 77g cookie and 40g of protein per serving. In comparison, an average cookie would contain 6g of protein per 100g and 11.6g of sugar.

“We’re a nation of biscuit-lovers, but have become far more conscious about what we put into our bodies, particularly when it comes to protein, fat and now, sugar,” said Darren Beale of “Yet despite that, consumers do still want a tasty snack which is lower in fat and sugars but doesn’t compromise on taste.

“We were determined to create a product that could stand up to the leading high street cookie brands in terms of taste and texture, but with greater nutritional benefits. Since launching the cookies on our site three weeks ago, the demand has been incredible. We have restocked three times already and the orders are still coming in.”

“The cookie is great if you’re trying to lose weight as the high level of protein makes you feel fuller for longer, and is good for gym enthusiasts and athletes looking to bulk up.

“At 77g per serving, these protein cookies are the largest on the market today and are made with a top-secret recipe in small batches containing slow-burning carbohydrates to ensure they are nutritionally spot-on while still being delicious.

“Eating healthily no longer means having to cut out treats because, unlike the high-fat, high-sugar, low-protein brands on the supermarket shelves, these cookies will complement hard work in the gym and efforts to shed the pounds.”