US sandwich chain Quiznos is re-entering the UK market with 10 planned stores for 2014.

Speaking to British Baker, Jack Rai, franchisee director, Quiznos UK, said the first outlet was due to open on 20 February by Aldgate East Tube station, London.

The company is also aiming to open three outlets over the next couple of months.

In 2011, British Baker reported that the sandwich business was facing financial difficulties, having peaked at 29 outlets in the UK in 2008. It was subsequently struck off Companies House and dissolved at the end of September 2011.

Following that, the company retained its store in Bromley, London.

Kenneth Cutshaw, international president, said: “We see the UK market as one of the most dynamic food and beverage markets in the world, and Quiznos will make its presence known among consumers. We know the British consumer is one who insists on quality with its food selection.  

“Quiznos is the ‘premium provider of toasted sandwiches globally’, and will be offering great toasted sandwiches to consumers in over 40 countries by the end of 2014.”

Rai added that the new store will be able to cater up to 600 customers per day, employing nine full- and part-time staff.

Quiznos produces a range of sandwiches from three categories. Options from the ‘Signature Classics’ include a chicken mesquite with bacon, honey mustard chicken with bacon, and a meatball and turkey ranch. From the ‘Premium’ range, customers can choose from chicken carbonara with bacon, three meat stack, steakhouse beef dip, classic Italian or a lobster sub. The ‘Value’ range includes ham and cheese, tuna, double cheese, turkey lite and BBQ chicken.