Tesco has responded to headlines suggesting that it was changing the name of its Tattie Scone.

The supermarket received backlash on social media last week after Scottish customers noticed that its Tattie Scone product had been relabelled the Potato Scone.

Margaret Cooper, from Bo’ness, told the Scotsman she had complained to the firm after realising its own-brand product had been renamed “Potato Scones” rather than “Tattie Scones”.

However, Tesco has since explained that the renaming was an error during the labelling upgrade to ensure allergens were identified on pack. The supermarket said the problem was highlighted to them by a customer, and it quickly moved to rectify it.

A Tesco spokesman said: “There were never any plans to change the name of the Tattie Scone. The name changed briefly in error due to a labelling upgrade. This has been rectified.

“Like a Tattie Scone any suggestions Scotland’s famous potato delicacy was changing name are best served with a pinch of salt.”

The Tesco product is only called Tattie Scones in Scotland and has been for years. It is sold under the name of Potato Scones in the rest of the UK.