Welshcakes producer Tan Y Castell has secured a deal with Tesco for its products to be distributed throughout its UK stores.

The bakery manufacturer in Narberth, Pembrokeshire, said its traditional Welshcake products had appeared in 35 local stores over the past two years in an existing contract with the supermarket chain.

The new deal will mean the firm’s bakery goods will now be on the shelves of 410 stores nationwide.

Paul Mear, company director, Tan Y Castell Welshcakes, said: “The new national listing with Tesco is a big leap for us; because of Tesco’s size the effect is likely to be profound in terms of volume, which will help the business no end. Without support from the Local Sourcing Team and them being so positive about getting our Welshcakes as far out as possible, we wouldn’t have had the confidence to make the jump to a national listing.”

Tan Y Castell Welshcakes has been established for 12 years and supplies a large variety of customers, including four national supermarkets, as well as ambient and frozen markets.

Enfys Fox, Tesco’s local sourcing marketing manager for Wales and the West Midlands, said: “It’s fantastic to be able to work with a local producer like Tan Y Castell and help them grow at a rate that suits them. It’s great for their business, but it also means we can provide customers across the UK with a great range of quality local products."