Malt producer Muntons set itself a new record in 2016 by exceeding 100,000 tonnes of malt production.

A total of 102,922 tonnes (t) was produced at the Yorkshire plant, which the company said was a “proud achievement for the maltings team”.

The company had a capacity of 45,000t when the plant was first built in Bridlington, Yorkshire in 1964, but investments in the 1990s, in two phases, almost doubled capacity to 84,000t.

Subsequent investments have been targeted by the malt producer to allow greater throughput and improve malt quality, which has seen the output increase to a record level.

Guy Newsam, general manager of malt production at Muntons, said the accomplishment was the result of great teamwork.

“We have continued to invest in keeping the maltings at the forefront of modern malting technology, coupled with the team capitalising on opportunities new barley varieties offer,” he said.

“This has meant we have surpassed previous production output levels, while maintaining our key focus on our customers’ quality needs.”

Muntons also produces malt at its Cedars Maltings in Stowmarket, Suffolk, which also saw record production, resulting in a combined output of over 194,000t of malt within the group.