A rise in popularity of filled bakery products such as doughnuts has sparked business growth in a Manchester-based preserves company.

F Duerr & Sons has expanded its business-to-business operations to answer a 20% surge in demand for its jams, honey, mincemeat and peanut butter.

It has increased manufacturing capacity with the installation of a new production line within the existing Duerr’s facility.

The team is now working on bespoke products with clients with a “rapid” turnaround time.

Mark Duerr, managing director, said: “We currently distribute hot and cold fillings to a wide range of manufacturers that create products for the UK’s biggest supermarkets, right down to bespoke manufacturing businesses.

“We have been producing quality ingredients for over 134 years, and this experience, coupled with our ability to produce bespoke orders, is what makes us popular with manufacturers of all sizes.”