Ulrick & Short has developed a new fat alternative for bakers looking to reduce the calorie content of shortcrust pastry.

The powder, called Delyte 10, is designed to mimic the functional properties of butter or fat – up to 25% of which can be removed and replaced without affecting the colour, texture, bite and flavour, according to the ingredients supplier.

The non-GM, dairy-free and vegan-friendly powder can also be declared as ‘wheat flour’ on labelling, it added.

The development comes in the same year Public Health England has called on businesses to slash 20% from the calorie content of certain foods – including many baked goods – by 2024. The proposal is part of a move to tackle childhood and adult obesity, which it said costs the NHS £6bn each year.

“Bakers now need to stay ahead of the trend and be prepared for future regulation,” said Adrian Short, Ulrick & Short director.

“Delyte 10 offers the functionality to satisfy and beat legislation, putting them in a good spot for the inevitable further consumer and governmental pressure.”

He added that the ingredient could also help mitigate price fluctuations. “In the last 12 months, supply chain disruption in dairy and butter markets has shown just how volatile they can be. As well as improving nutritional profiles and label declarations, Delyte 10 will help manufacturers with consistent recipe costings.”