Sugar lobbyists have found that some cereals contain more sugar than they did in 2012.

Research by Action on Sugar revealed that, of 50 cereals analysed in 2012, the ones with the highest levels of sugar in have either increased or stayed the same. 

It said 14 out of the 50 cereals contained a third or more (≥33.3g/100g) sugar, or 8 teaspoons per 100g.

The figures were compared to a 2012 Which? Breakfast Cereal Report, which revealed high amounts of free sugars in 50 breakfast cereals.

As National Breakfast Week is in full swing this week, the organisation said it wanted to warn people of hidden sugar.

Kawther Hashem, nutritionist at Action on Sugar, said: “You wouldn’t give your child chocolate biscuits for breakfast, yet certain manufacturers are effectively doing that for us. It is highly concerning that many parents are still buying cereal products for their children, thinking they are choosing healthier products, only to find these items are laden with excess sugar and calories.

“We urge parents to make more informed food switches, such as choosing wholegrain breakfast cereals but not those coated with sugar or honey.  Adding fresh fruit to cereal can make it more appealing and also increase its nutritional value.”

The organisation pointed out that high fibre, lower sugar and salt cereals can still play a part in a healthy diet.