A director of Coventry-based Windmill Bakery risks going to prison if he continues to breach an injunction to not use Bakers Basco’s bread baskets.

At Walsall County Court on 10 July, Akhlaque Ahmed admitted three allegations of unlawfully using equipment belonging to Bakers Basco, which broke the terms of an injunction originally imposed in February 2013 and amended in July 2015, preventing him from using baskets and dollies belonging to Bakers Basco and its membership without written permission.

He has also appeared in the County Court at Coventry in August 2016, where he was order to pay a £2,000 fine to the Crown for breaching the order and was ordered to pay £3,330 in damages and costs to Bakers Basco.

At this month’s hearing, Ahmed was ordered to pay £3,000 to the Crown and £5,664.50 in damages and costs to Bakers Basco. The judge made a custodial sentence of six weeks, which was suspended for an indefinite term, for three breaches of the existing injunctions.

Ahmed could face a minimum of six weeks’ imprisonment if he breaches the injunctions again.

Steve Millward, general manager of Bakers Basco, said he hoped Ahmed had finally got the message that you can’t keep taking other people’s equipment without their consent.

“It has been a costly lesson – he has had to pay nearly £14,000 in fines, damages and costs in the last year alone, and he has been given a suspended jail sentence,” Millward said.

Windmill Bakery declined to comment when approached by British Baker.