UK bread manufacturer Warburtons has ceased its first central European bread trial.

Based in Bolton, the bread-maker began selling some of its brands in Tesco stores abroad in June last year, on a trial basis, in countries such as the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland.

Warburtons has decided to cease selling to Europe because of transport costs, which are thought to be much higher than originally anticipated.

It is also thought that the recipes for products such as the lines white Toastie loaf, brown bread and crumpets were required to change to help extend the shelf-life of the products abroad. The firm has been unable to find a partner locally.

However, the 136-year-old bread-maker still has ambitions for overseas trading. In May of this year it expanded in to Spain, where it began selling seven bread products, targeting the British who have settled in Malaga, Alicante and the Balearic Islands.

In August, Warburtons began selling its sliced bread brand to the French, with 270 Monoprix supermarkets around Paris, marketed as “the everyday bread of the English”.

Warburtons was unavailable for comment.