Firkins Bakery has been fully liquidated for £33,024, following the closure of its production site and 40 redundancies last May.

The West Bromwich-based firm has sold the assets of its production facility, Newbridge Bakery (Production) in Black Lake, with MB Insolvency in Birmingham filing a final report with Companies House. Assets included plant and machinery, but the sale of the Firkins’ manufacturing site could not raise more funds as it was leased through a private firm.

Firkins managed to keep its 33 Midlands-based bakery shops open, located in areas such as Wolverhampton, Dudley, Walsall, Oldbury and West Bromwich. The outlets are now trading as part of craft bakery chain Oliver Adams in Northampton, employing around 189 members of staff.

Firkins has been rescued from administration three times in the past six years by managing director and baker Ian Bolderston, most recently in December 2009, when he was able to save 200 jobs. It has struggled to keep its retail outlets open over the years, including its Kingstanding, Stourbridge and Harbourne sites in March 2010.