Kingsmill has teamed up with the National Schools Partnership to educate school children about the nutritional benefits of breakfast.

The Allied Bakeries bread brand’s programme, called The Breakfast Squad, has already been signed up to by more than 680 UK schools teaching children between the ages of four and 11 years old.

Educational establishments will be able to receive course materials to help children learn in variety of areas including vocabulary, creativity, basic fitness and numeracy

In addition, schools will also receive vouchers to claim complimentary products from Kingsmill’s Fruit & Fibre range, as well as awarding pupils money-off coupons for their parents to purchase at home.

Guy Shepherd, category director, Allied Bakeries, said: “The breakfast occasion holds great opportunities for growth, estimated at £18m over the next three years. The new Kingsmill Fruit & Fibre range was launched to help retailers capitalise on this potential but also demonstrates our understanding modern consumers – who, keen to provide their families with a nutritious breakfast to start the day, have indicated a need for quick, tasty and healthy breakfast products.

“The launch of this programme with National Schools Partnership aims to further strengthen our support for busy families by providing a platform for children to learn about the importance of breakfast and, by creating greater awareness of the benefits of Fruit & Fibre, aims to facilitate bakery growth for retailers in the process.”