Krispy Kreme has made an investment into its logistics, by employing a new store delivery solution system.

It means the company will control and have a more informed idea of which stores need which products, in a bid to increase sales revenues and demand forecasting.

Krispy Kreme workers will be supplied with mobile devices that can capture real-time delivery and collection information.

This means on-shelf availability can be managed for over 650 locations from a remote location.

Unscheduled deliveries can also be managed, so that the company is able to deliver to its UK locations on a daily basis.

The new system is powered by ZetesAres, and the company hopes that Krispy Kreme will reduce development timescales, deployment costs and the complexity associated with introducing new software in the future.

Nicola Fisher, systems manager at Krispy Kreme, said: “Our investment in ZetesAres will ensure stock management and replenishment is completed efficiently in real-time, allowing us to scale operations quickly as the number of our sales outlets continues to expand. By opting for a fully managed service, Krispy Kreme has immediate access to an advanced supply chain technology infrastructure to help increase revenues, with minimal impact on our existing IT resources and capital expenditure.”