Independent cake and dessert manufacturer Ministry of Cake has opened its second site, Ministry of Pudding, following a £1m investment.

The new site in Torquay, Devon will manufacture a mix of products, including some existing and some new. Around 35% to 40% of the range is redeveloped every year, with products currently in development including treacle, toffee and chocolate creations.

Chris Ormrod, managing director, told British Baker: “So far, so good. The site opened on time and on budget. With Ministry of Pudding starting to trade, we are in the process of taking customers around to show our new baby off.” The company said it has won “a major new contract” that will launch next year, but cannot be named.

“We plan to run Ministry of Pudding as part of the Ministry family – but, as its name suggests, focusing clearly on puddings and maybe some of the smaller-run experimental lines that we wouldn’t be able to make at Ministry of Cake.

“Our overall aim is to continue to grow our desserts business. We’re currently up 24% year-on-year on sales, focusing purely on the foodservice market.”

To mark the new opening, the team baked a pudding called Puddesley and its birth certificate read: “Chris and the Ministry team are delighted to announce the early arrival of their first pudding Puddesley, baked at 2.51pm on Tuesday 19 August, weighing a healthy 150g. With thanks to all staff for a safe delivery.”

The business was sold to convenience food producer Greencore in 2008 and was bought back in May for an upfront cash consideration of £8m and deferred consideration of up to £3m.

Ormrod is joined by three directors on the team and the company is backed by private equity provider LDC, part of Lloyds banking.