Pieminister is overhauling its pie offering, as well as launching new products, in a bid to boost sales.

The Bristol-based pie producer has introduced a number of new varieties this month, which feature thinner pastry, as well as brighter packaging and augmented reality features so that consumers can use smartphones to access additional content such as videos and games.

The new range of pie flavours includes Deer Stalker, which claims to be the first venison-based pie launched into the mainstream market and has been created exclusively for Waitrose.

Other new varieties include Peahock which will appear exclusively in Sainsbury’s, Funghi Chicken Pie created for Tesco, and The Free Ranger, whch contains free-range chicken.

Pieminister’s existing pie range has also been refreshed as part of an extensive product overhaul.

It has been reported that the firm’s sales have grown strongly over the past year, increasing by 25% year-on-year to £9m.

The company launched an Olympics-inspired pie this summer called The Sebastian Cow, which includes British Beef steak and beans slow-cooked in a chipotle chilli and tomato sauce.