Dr Schär has launched gluten-free brand Schär, which is well known in Europe, in the UK with nine new products.

Schär replaces Dr Schär’s existing DS-gluten free brand and will be supported with significant marketing investment in a national campaign. It has an emphasis on social inclusion and includes a new logo and tagline: ‘Europe’s favourite in gluten free’. It will be launched next month.

Schär has a 55% market share in Germany and plans to capture some of the UK gluten-free market.

Bradley Grimshaw, commercial director of Dr Schär UK, said: “Schär is dedicated to improving the lives of those living gluten free and we are delighted to be introducing the brand to the UK. As Europe’s favourite gluten-free brand, we know that Schär will delight new shoppers to the category as well as loyal DS-gluten free consumers, introducing them to a range of gluten-free products that up until now have not been available on UK shelves.

“The Dr. Schär business is a pioneer in gluten-free, with decades of experience and our 20-strong R&D specialists are committed to developing new solutions that meet the needs and desires of our gluten-free customers.”