The Depot Bakery has secured an Inmotion! grant and added an electric vehicle to its fleet.

The bakery, which produces and delivers artisan breads, pastries and lunch items from its depot in Sheffield, has introduced the vehicle to provide fresh products to its clients in an economical and environmentally friendly way.

Owner Ben Smith said: “We were thinking about purchasing a vehicle for a while and had been waiting for a model that matched our specifications.

“We liked the idea of not having to spend on diesel, knowing that, going forward, it would be a great PR angle for the company. Wherever economic and environmental decisions go hand in hand, we’d always do it and this was an easy win with benefits all round.”

Grant for plug-in car or van

South Yorkshire’s Electric Vehicle Project runs until 31 March and offers businesses a grant of up to £10,500 for the flexible lease of a plug-in van, or £7,500 for a plug-in car for up to 48 months.

Smith added: “We work with food waste charities and are getting much more efficient with regards to recycling, so an electric vehicle really is the logical next step in the company’s evolution.”

An additional grant of £500 towards the cost of installing a workplace charging point is also available. The scheme has delivered 16 electric vehicles to businesses across the region.