United Biscuits has partnered up with recycling firm TerraCycle UK to develop a UK biscuit wrapper recycling scheme.

The bakery product manufacturer in Hayes, Middlesex, is encouraging retailers to involve consumers in its McVitie’s Biscuit Wrapper Brigade scheme to send back used biscuit wrappers to TerraCycle in Perivale.

Individuals can register for pre-paid Royal Mail labels and send wrappers to the recycling company free of charge, which will help to raise money for a charity of their choice.

Vicki Gregory, marketing controller for McVitie’s, said: “United Biscuits is delighted to be able to offer consumers a solution that allows them, for the first time in the UK, to recycle biscuit wrappers. This innovative scheme not only ensures that biscuit wrappers are reused, it also helps to protect the environment while helping the public to raise funds for their favourite charity.

“We are encouraging retailers and consumers across the UK, who love biscuits, to set up a collection point and help us to save as many biscuit wrappers from landfill as possible, making a difference to both their local environment and raising money for worthy causes.”

Unitied Biscuits will be pushing the campaign in an extensive print and online PR campaign, as well as the TerraCycle logo appearing on product packaging for its McVitie’s roll wrap biscuits.

Chris Baker, general manager of TerraCycle UK, said: “We are delighted that such an iconic brand as McVitie’s is partnering with us to take ownership of what happens to used biscuit wrappers in the UK. With McVitie’s support we are confident we can reach people across the UK and encourage them to work with us to make a real difference.”

In the last year, 487,000 tonnes of biscuits were sold in the UK with a retail value of £2.3bn.