Wrights Food Group has made a major investment in its delivery fleet to meet sales needs.

The Crewe-based baker and pie-maker has upped the number of its delivery vehicles by nine, which are all branded with the orange company logo.

The vans will deliver pies, pasties, sausage rolls, cakes and sandwiches to customers, including independent convenience stores, sandwich bars, food distributors and foodservice outlets, along with more than 55 different football grounds and sporting arenas.

Chief executive Peter Wright said: “Projecting the right image is crucial for positioning our company as number one in the marketplace. We purposefully replace our vans on a regular basis to ensure they reflect our high standards. This also reduces time in the workshop, which equates to minimum disruption for our customers.”

This comes after Wrights recently invested £6m in a 40,000sq ft confectionery factory in Crewe.