Wojciech Kalinowski, who works at Bradgate Bakery, has been given the Young Talent of the Year award at Food Manufacture Excellence awards.

Kalinowski was competing against five other nominees from companies including Coca-Cola European Partners and Weetabix for the Young Talent award.

One judge said Kalinowski was clearly “a talented individual destined for great things in the food and drink manufacturing sector and is clearly making a big contribution within a short time of joining the bakery”.

The 20-year-old, who joined Bradgate Bakery – part of the Samworth Brothers group – two years ago on an apprenticeship scheme, completed several projects related to Bradgate’s development plan, which financially benefited the business.

Speaking to Mike Stones from Food Manufacture, Kalinowski said he did not expect to win the award.

“The competition this year was so talented. It just felt a bit overwhelming thinking that I, from a little company like Bradgate Bakery, would be able to win, but we managed to do it,” he said.