Patisserie Mark Bennett has been approached by an investor with a view to opening an outlet in City Walk, Dubai, British Baker has learnt.

Bennett (pictured in the centre) told British Baker: “A guy turned up on one of my baking courses and, straight up, said he had no interest in learning how to bake.

"I said ‘why are you here?’ And that’s when he made the proposal.”

City Walk is near the world’s tallest building and is one of Dubai’s tourist hot spots. Part of the deal may also be to supply pastries to the King of Bahrain, who lives in Dubai for six months of the year, according to Bennett.

In further news, Bennett has been asked to recruit and train management staff to send out there “who can bake in the way that we do, using our methods, to achieve the same results".

The bakers are set to be offered a healthy annual salary, as well as a house and a car. Bennett has no doubt these roles will be snapped up quickly, and said simply: “Watch this space on that front.”