There are many canine bakeries popping up online, but Millie and Ruby’s in Great Harwood is among the first to open a bricks-and-mortar bakery devoted entirely to dogs. 

Former policewoman Diane Murphy has been running Millie and Ruby’s dog bakery (named after her two collies) as an online business from home for two years.

She then purchased the shop last October, and opened up for business this month – the bakery provides a variety of natural handmade treats for dogs in a wide range of different flavours.

Some of the most popular include chicken and cheddar biscuits, birthday cakes and dog beer (a special drink for animals branded and packaged like regular beer).


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Photo credit: Small Adventures Photography

The mother-of-one said she chose the site after months of searching for premises that met her needs in terms of size and finance.

She told British Baker she was inspired to open the shop by a trip to the US: “I went with a friend and, over there, they had these sort of luxury dog bakeries on every street.

“Everyone just loves dogs wherever you go. I’m a massive dog lover and this has combined my two biggest passions – dogs and baking.”