The industry has welcomed British Baker’s #WeLoveBread campaign – which has seen protestors visit Number 10 about David Cameron’s decision to ditch bread.

The magazine was joined by a host of industry organisations, including the British Society of Baking (BSB), the Federation of Bakers, Craft Bakers Association (CBA) and Scottish Bakers.

All of them were unanimous in their support of the campaign – and equally critical of the Prime Minister’s decision to give up bread.

Mike Bagshaw, of the BSB, said: “Cameron has taken bread out of his diet and we want him to put it back in. The benefits of the baking industry are massive; it’s all about selling it to younger people and getting them excited about baking.”

And, Alan Stuart, representing Scottish Bakers, said: “It has been really great today to come down to London and be part of the British Baker bread protest at 10 Downing Street. We hope we have fought well for the baker’s corner and we can persuade the government and particularly David Cameron that the bakers of Britain play a great part in feeding our nation.”

David Hall, managing director of London Bread & Cake, who visited Number 10 on behalf of the CBA, said: “I thought it was a wonderful opportunity for all the different associations to work together to promote healthy bread and try to tell David Cameron to have a balanced diet including bread, as well as looking at other alternatives like low-GI bread.”

Amy Yeates, senior executive assistant, Federation of Bakers, said: “It was a great experience and a wonderful opportunity to raise awareness and get people to stop thinking that bread is bad and start introducing more of it into their diets.”