The Bread Factory MD Dean Arbel is to trek through the Himalayan mountains in a bid to raise £120,000 for charity Action Against Hunger.

Arbel will be part of a team of London-based chefs, restaurateurs and food industry experts who will experience altitudes of up to 2,800m on the expedition in March next year (see list below).

The campaign has raised £37,103 so far, and donators have gathered £2,555 for Arbel’s own fundraising page (As of 20 December).

The Bread Factory boss is urging people to continue donating and to get involved in the campaign to help the organisation reach its ultimate goal.

Speaking on the Everydayhero website, Arbel said he was proud to be involved with such a great charity.

“This Christmas, we wanted to do something extra special to show how much we care,” he said.

“We are excited to share that we have made a donation to Action Against Hunger UK, and would love for you to join us and help raise even more.”

Action Against Hunger is a global humanitarian organisation that takes action against the causes and effects of hunger.

Joining Arbel on the trip to Nepal will be:

  • Nieve Barragon Mohacho
  • Richard Bigg
  • Damian Clisby
  • Mikey Davies
  • Dan Doherty
  • Nick Gibson
  • Tom Hunt
  • Katie Johns
  • James Knappett
  • Justin Landsberger
  • Brad McDonald
  • Rosie Mira
  • Shaun Searley
  • Ross Shonhan
  • Tim Spedding
  • Charley Springall
  • Paul A Young