TV production company Wall to Wall, the firm behind the TV series Victorian Bakers, is seeking “a diverse range of people who work with sugar” to take part in a new three-part series on Confectioners.

The company is looking for chocolatiers, artisan sweet makers, spun sugar experts and sugared jelly makers for the brand new primetime series. In the same vein as Victorian Bakers, the series will follow a small workforce of modern-day sugar workers who, under the guidance of historical experts, will work and craft following the methods and recipes of sugar workers during three different historical eras.

The application deadline for the programme is 2 December 2016 and interested parties can apply by emailing

John Foster of Barnsley-based Fosters Bakery, who took part in the Victorian Bakers series, recently told British Baker that the series was “hard work”, but went from something like a “horror movie to utter delight” from the first to the third episodes.