Warburtons has won a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) award for helping children learn about the importance of health and nutrition.

Warburtons was crowned champion at the National CSR awards for its commitment to building nutritional awareness through the Warburtons School Visitors (WSV) programme.

In the last academic year, 22 WSVs engaged with 28,618 children aged 5-11 across more than 1,000 workshops, teaching them the importance of a balanced diet, hygiene and safety, food waste, and basic food preparation in an enjoyable and creative way.

Michael McDermott, corporate sustainability manager at Warburtons, said: “We’re delighted that the Warburtons School Visitors programme has, once again, been recognised at a national level.”

Last month Warburtons’ chairman Jonathan Warburton said the baking industry didn’t get enough credit for its work on reducing salt levels.