It will be an offence, after 5 August, 1940, to place sugar on the exterior of any cake, biscuit, bun, pastry, scone, bread, roll or similar article, after baking. It will not be permitted to sell or to buy any confectionery of this kind. In an instruction to trade associations, the ministry has made it clear that the prohibition does not extend to the use on cakes of jam, jelly or lemon and other fruit curd. However, buttercream, marshmallow, chocolate, fondant and marzipan will not be permitted. This new order is not a good example of official administration. It will not be permissible to put a half-ounce of marshmallow on a cake, but it will be permissible to put as much lemon curd on a cake as its surface will take, because jam, lemon and other fruit curds are not affected by the order. All these goods make for messiness rather than neatness in decoration.