== So what’s new? ==

A new generation of non-hydrogenated dairy cream alternatives. This includes new formulations of our brands Mactop, Mactop Extra, GlenDelight and Foodservice GlenDelight. Previously, all dairy cream alternatives in the market used hydrogenated fats.

== What’s so special about it? ==

The dairy cream alternatives are free from hydrogenated fats and artificial colours. They contain less than half the fat of dairy cream when whipped.

== Why should bakers buy this? ==

There has been a great deal of negative press surrounding hydrogenated fats. The UK’s multiple grocers have now banned their use in the majority of own-label products.

== So explain the techie stuff. ==

As air is beaten into a dairy cream alternative, fat particles begin to surround the air cells and ultimately lead to a stabilisation of the foam by locking together through a process of partial coalescence. That results in a creamy texture. The challenge was finding a non-hydrogenated alternative that would not compromise on the taste, quality or functionality.

== Bottom line, what’s this product worth to the baker? ==

Dairy cream alternatives offer the same versatility as dairy cream, but they out-perform it in many ways. They are suitable for whipping, fillings, piping and as an ingredient in cooking. They whip up to three times their volume and remain stable with the addition of colour, flavours and alcohol. And, unopened, they have an ambient shelf-life of six months.