== What service do you sell? ==

We provide hygienic industrial screening. Chadbourn’s is a market leader in the design and build of scaffolding and screening to the food and beverage industry, including clean rooms, cold stores and live production lines.

== How does this differ to other products on the market? ==

The ’Chadbourn System’ is very flexible and can be adapted to virtually any structure. Major construction or refurbishment work can be carried out with little disruption to production. As a temporary structure, no planning permission is required for either a screen or enclosure, whether internal or external.

== Can’t bakers get away with not using this? ==

Yes they can, if they want a cost to their business for closing down their factory or production line. But if they want to continue with production, at no risk to their products, then no, they need Chadbourn.

== OK, explain the techie stuff ==

We use a full range of materials that are contamination-free, non-flammable, sound-resistant and weatherproof, and have significantly higher levels of protection than polythene sheeting. They do not rot or support bacterial growth and also have excellent high and low temperature characteristics.

== Bottom line, what is this worth to the baker? ==

For when a speck of dust could close you down! If you need a solution that will not affect your production line, while work is carried out, we have the answer.