One of the features of the Baking Exhibition is the fact that bakers from all over the world congregate there. The British Baker stand seems to be the meeting place of all the interesting folk in the bakery world, and it is well for those of us who have to do a bit of writing that it has its secluded portion, where we can work undistracted by the interest we cannot but feel in all the bakers from far and near who are to be found around it. On the stand of the Millers’ Mutual Association was an outsized bag filled with flour. Everyone making a donation of three pence for trade benevolence was invited to guess the weight of flour contained in this tremendous sack. Whoever guesses correctly gets the flour as a gift. One tough old baker held it lovingly within his grasp and, with florid face, gave it a hearty wrench to see if he could move it. As it must have weighed about a ton, he did not move it very far. Whoever wins, we hope they will not have to carry it out of the hall themselves!