Stop the Week salutes British Baker ’Reporting in’ columnist Jim Winship, who last week starred in BBC1’s long-running current affairs satire Have I Got News for You.

The director of the British Sandwich Association made a surprise appearance during the show’s legendary ’guest publication’ round, this time focused on a sandwich industry trade title.

Presenters poked fun at a story titled "Salmon and cucumber sandwich provides reassurance in uncertain times of the recession", which offered readers access to "a full page of facts and figures from the British Sandwich Association on the recession’s impact on the sandwich economy". Host Gregg Wallace, who was co-presenting with Jon Torode of Masterchef fame, quoted from the story: "It ends with the line: ’for further information please contact Jim Winship on 01632 960875 or 07700 900985’. To be honest, Jim, I think one hotline number is probably enough!" To which panellist Richard Herring fired back, "Not now that it’s been on the telly!"

For those of you worried that Jim may have spent the last week fielding crank calls and endless sandwich puns, rest easy. "Fortunately they changed my number!" he tells us.