Ingredients manufacturer British Bakels (Bicester, Oxfordshire) offers a range of mixes, fillings and toppings to help bakers make doughnuts.

The company’s top-selling Yeast Doughnut Concentrate is suitable for traditional ball and ring doughnuts, and requires the addition of yeast, flour and water. It is said to offer good volume, light texture and good eating.

The American-Style Yeast Donut Complete Mix gives a product with a slightly firmer bite and only requires the addition of yeast and water. For those looking for an economical solution, Bakels offers Cake Donut Complete and Cake Donut Concentrate. Both provide value combined with high quality results, says the supplier.

Cake Donut Concentrate requires the addition of flour and water to produce batter-deposited cake donuts. A 50/50 mix, it is easy to deposit, has minimum fat absorption and provides a good shelf-life.

All doughnut concentrates and mixes are available in 12.5kg bags.

To add further value to doughnuts, bakers can add their own flavours, such as cinnamon or nutmeg, as the mixes contain no flavourings.