This classic Turkish Pide is easy to produce and quick to bake. Sliced horizontally and filled with meats, salad or cheese, this soft-eating flatbread makes a great deli-style sandwich or an unusual addition to the bread basket. It also tastes delicious sliced and served with dips.


String bread flour3.000kg


Olive oil0.060kg


Dried yeast 0.020kg


Total dough weight5.385kg

Finished dough temperature25-27ºC


1. Mix all the ingredients on a slow speed for 2 minutes and then 6-8 minutes on fast or until the dough is fully developed. Note: it is important not to have too warm a dough temperature (A).

2. Once the dough is fully developed, place it on to a lightly oiled container and cover with plastic. Give a bulk fermentation time of 1½ hours. The dough should be alive and gassy now (B).

3. Turn the dough out on to a floured surface and scale to 400g for a large Pide and 150g for a small Pide. Very gently, loosely mould the dough pieces into an oblong shape, being careful not to knock too much gas out of the dough (C).

4. Give an intermediate proof of 20 minutes. Cover with plastic to prevent skinning (D).

5. Take each dough piece and stretch/coax it out to an oblong shape (by hand) and place into a prepared baking tray, four per tray (600mm x 400mm) (E).

6. Once you have the oblong shape, which is almost as long as the width of the baking tray, wash with egg wash made from 1 part egg and 1 part water and dock with your fingers approximately 5-6 times down the length of the dough piece (F).

7. Very lightly sprinkle with black sesame seeds or kalongi seeds (G).

8. Allow to dry-prove for 20 minutes.

9. Place into a pre-heated oven at 250ºC and bake for approximately 9-10 minutes. Make sure you do not overbake or you will destroy the effect of this lightly baked flatbread (H).