Bakers can make their products shine by using a new decorating material from Azelis Food & Health/S Black. Candurin Gold Sparkle, developed by Merck KGaA, can give chocolates, pastries, ice cream, toppings and beverages a sparkle.

Russell Wheeler, technical sales manager of Azelis/S Black, said: "Merck recognised a growing demand by global food and beverage manufacturers for a large-sized gold pigment, similar to its existing Candurin Silver Sparkle. This new product features a brilliant glitter, thanks to its particle size distribution, and offers high potential for innovative product design and differentiation."

The mineral, non-artificial colour is based on natural silicate, combined with dioxide and iron oxide, and meets international food, beverage and drug safety standards. The company says Candurin Gold Sparkle is easy to add to most formulations, even those containing other colours.