Arkady Ancient Cereals is a new concept bread mix from CSM United Kingdom, which combines ancient cereals einkorn, emmer and spelt to create a fresh take on rustic ingredients.

Emmer is a dark-grained, ancient cereal with an aromatic flavour that can be traced back 10,000 years, while einkorn, which has a fine, nutty, aromatic taste, dates back to 7600 BC and is considered more nutritious than modern wheat. Spelt is derived from einkorn and emmer and was first cultivated about 4000 BC; compared with regular wheat, it is easier to digest and has higher protein, fibre, amino acids and B complex vitamins.

The bread mix can be used to create a wide variety of different shaped breads and rolls just add flour, yeast and water. Anti-staling technology gives bread made using the mix longer keeping qualities and a soft texture, while it also meets FSA 2010 sodium guidelines.

Craft bakers can get point-of-sale materials, leaflets and bread bands carrying the consumer branding ’Pantique’ to advertise products made using the mix.