Huddersfield-based bakery AJP Pies and Pastries, which trades as Andrew Jones Pies, has become the latest company to pay a compensation fee to Bakers Basco for using its bread baskets without permission.

Last month, AJP entered into a Consent Order at Huddersfield County Court, which resulted in a formal undertaking to not use equipment belonging to Bakers Basco or its members.

The bakery also agreed to pay a combined sum of £7,000 to settle the litigation.

Steve Millward, general manager of Bakers Basco, said its recovery team tracked a sizeable amount of its equipment being used by Andrew Jones Pies.

“Our baskets and trolleys are meant for transporting bread - and only bread - safely, cost-effectively and in an environmentally-friendly way, and should not be used without our consent or for any other purpose.”

Companies including Authentic Bite, Buckley Bakehouse and Gilmoor Foods Ltd have all been caught out by Bakers Basco’s GPS trackers over the past year.

Bakers Basco manages and licenses a pool of four million bread baskets and associated wheeled trolleys for the use of bakers. Currently, around 25 businesses, including Allied Bakeries, Hovis and Warburtons pay a licence fee to use the equipment.