Just when you thought baking couldn’t get any trendier, up steps Tate & Lyle, sponsor of "the world’s first-ever edible art exhibition"! Cake Britain ran from 27 to 29 August at The Future Gallery in London and Tate & Lyle used the event to mark its switch to Fairtrade sugar.

Can the disparate worlds of baking and art mix, we ask? Well, exhibits such as "the lyrics to The Futureheads track The Chaos, created in 940 rock and roll cookies by Miss Cakehead with a ’suede effect’ by sprinkling finely ground Tate & Lyle Fairtrade sugar over still-wet icing" do have a certain ring to them.

Not impressed so far? Well how about the Cloud Cuckoo Wedding Cake by Stuart Semple and Paul Baker, which depicts "two lovers entwined in cloud cuckoo land, a rock candy mountain, a wedding for Brangelina and a sky of edible happy clouds"? No? While it all sounds a bit pie in the sky to us, STW has to admit that, with proceeds going to the Fairtrade Foundation and two other charities, the intention was laudable.