"Aaaaaarrgh ****! Somebody PLEASE make it stop!" - BB features editor Andrew Williams goes into panic when a glitch in his out-of-office reply starts spewing out emails to every single message in his inbox, some dating back to 2005, with one baffled recipient hit with an astonishing 109 emails in 10 minutes "These rare coffees have been slowly hand-roasted for around 12 minutes to ensure that we maximise the potential of each coffee. The final roast colour is quite dark to ensure that the espresso is perfect for a smooth latte or cappuccino." - David Cooper, creator of Caffe Raro, thought to be the most expensive coffee in the world, selling for £50 per cup at the Peter Jones department store in London. What he fails to say here is that the coffee is made from... dung! Asian palm civets dine on the ripest coffee berries, digest the flesh and poo out the beans, which are then collected, washed and roasted. Yum, can’t wait to try it