Here at Stop the Week, we’ve developed pretty strong constitutions and consider ourselves connoisseurs of all that is weird, left-field and extreme in baking. However, our stomachs are about to be tested next month at the bakery world’s first-ever 18-certificate event.

Eat Your Heart Out a Halloween-themed pop-up bakery shop is being planned by the organisers of Cake Britain, the recent exhibition with art comprised entirely of cake. All of the Halloween clichés pumpkins, cats, spiders, cobwebs have been banned from the shop. Instead, it will be selling 666 evil cakes, such as the Russian Roulette lucky dip cookie selection, with lemon meringue the treat and cat food flavour the trick. "You won’t know which one it is until you try it. Everybody is freaking out about it, but it won’t hurt you!" says blogger Ms Cakehead, aka Emma Thomas, who is the twisted brains behind it.

Other highlights include plain cupcakes handed out with syringes for you to inject your own flavour and bleeding heart cakes. "They’ll all look horrible, but they’ll taste amazing," she says. "Nothing that doesn’t taste beautiful will be sold in the shop. People say ’I’ve always wanted to make one of those, but...’ This is an event where there won’t be a ’but’."

So what will be the most grotesque thing on show? "Candy floss brown puke is making us feel quite ill, as are the private parts with teeth. The anatomically correct limbs with maggots are looking great, as are the mouldy-looking cakes. That’s going to be a toughie they look like mould and your head is going ’no no no’, but they taste beautiful. I personally think you can do anything in cake form and people don’t get that offended." Judge for yourself on 28-31 October 2010, Maiden, 188 Shoreditch High Street, London.