Bakehouse’s (in Bagshot, Surrey) new Chocolate & Hazelnut Twist - a spiral of butter pastry, chocolate and hazelnuts - fulfils two consumer trends, convenience and indulgence, says the company.

Made from butter pastry, it has a creamy chocolate-flavoured filling and topping of real milk chocolate and crunchy sugared hazelnut pieces twisted together. Supplied frozen, the Twists bake off in just 15 minutes, following the success of Bakehouse’s savoury Cheese Twist. The 90g Chocolate & Hazelnut Twists are packed on trays of 10 pieces (with four trays per case), which can be lifted straight from the case in the freezer. No finishing is required as the Twists are supplied ReadyGlazed.

"Indulgence and convenience remain the two big mega-trends driving the consumer market for sweet pastries," explains Kate Raison, Bakehouse marketing director. "Our new Twist combines two of the UK’s best-loved ingredients: chocolate and hazelnuts, and it’s easy-to-manage twist shape will make it very attractive to consumers."