Bakehouse’s latest sweet pastry products include a Honey Nut Twist, a Toffee Nut Croquante and an Apple & Sultana Granola Slice.

Following on from the success of the Surrey-based company’s savoury twist range, the Honey Nut Twist combines an all-butter pastry twist with a sweet honey filling, topped with cashew and hazelnut pieces and then Readyglazed, so there is no need to pre-glaze before baking.

The new Bakehouse Toffee Nut Croquante is sweet with added crunch - with a creamy toffee and nut filling, then topped with nut pieces for a rich toasted flavour. There is no need for finishing the croquantes either, as they bake-off from frozen in 18 minutes.

For consumers who prefer a lighter option, Bakehouse’s new Apple & Sultana Granola Slice has an apple and sultana filling and is topped with a granola and seed mix.