This uses Baktem Blue (used at 20% on flour weight) for fermented buns, a ready-to-use crossing mix and a ready-to-use bun glaze. Baktem Spiced Bun Concentrate, a ready-spiced mix (25% on flour weight), is also available.
Ingredients kg
Baktem Blue 20%0.800
Peel (if required)0.038
Bun spice flavour0.035

1. Mix all ingredients together (conventional mixer: 15 minutes; spiral: 2 minutes slow, 6 minutes fast).
2. Scale as required, prove 50-55 minutes (approx) at 38ºC, 80% humidity.
3. Bake at 230ºC for approx 12-15 minutes.
Scale weights:
840g for 30 or 1008g for 36 = 28g for minis (batch in 15s).
2,250g for 30 or 2,700g for 36 = 75g (40 per tray 5 x 8).
Cost per unit: 6.7p
RRP: £1.39p for a pack of six, giving them a profit of 91p and a margin in excess of 65% per pack even after factoring in labour costs.